Tourism in Sitges, near Barcelona

Sitges Tourism

Changing face of Sitges

Eco friendly & attractive developments

Incoming Barcelona mayor wants to introduce tourist cap

Ada Colau hopes to:

  • Limit the number of tourists visiting Barcelona
  • city-wide freeze on new hotels & apartments
  • Implement an entry cap

Barcelona Tourism

  • 2000: 3.14 million visited
  • 2013; 7.57 million visited
  • 6 million non-Spaniards
  • Moratorium regarding new hotels & tourist apartments
  • Carry out a census
  • Create a preventive policy
  • Barcelona has become a city-break destination
  • Rowdy behaviour causing backlash among residents of the city’s central districts
  • Fuelled by unlicensed rental flats

We have already asked for Sitges tourist figures