Tourism in Sitges, near Barcelona


Sitges Tourism

Sitges Tourism

Changing face of Sitges Eco friendly & attractive developments Incoming Barcelona mayor wants to introduce tourist cap 11643802/Incoming-Barcelona-mayor-wants-to-introduce-tourist-cap.html Ada Colau hopes to: Limit the number of tourists visiting Barcelona city-wide freeze on new hotels & apartments Implement an entry cap Barcelona Tourism 2000: 3.14 million visited 2013; 7.57 million visited 6 million… Read more »

Sitges Turisme Estadística

Sitges History Early Inhabited: Neanderthal 55,000 ago (Giant Cave /Cova del Gegant) Early Villages: Since Prior to 400BC (Neolithic) Sitges Castle: Middle Ages Bishopric of Barcelona Province: Barcelona Natural Park: Garraf Massif Economy: Wine (vineyard cultivation) & since 1960’s… Tourism & Events Sitges Tourist Statistics Area: 43.85 km² Inhabited: Villages: Since Prior to 400BC… Read more »