Tourism in Sitges, near Barcelona

Getting the best for tourists

Scammers, Banks, Airlines & Car Hire Firms becoming increasingly clever in adding hidden fees and sneaky tricks designed to rip off holidaymakers. 

And Copycat websites, offering a fee to get a new passport, a European Health Insurance Card or a visa (when the direct option is free or cheaper)

Booking Scams: false ads & sites

  • Avoid any deal that looks too good to be true. Check you are deal with a member of the Association of British Travel Agents
  • Make payments only through the Airbnb or a similar website’s payment system. No bank transfer (to supposibly them to save on fees)

Airport & Budget Airlines Fees

  • Use local currency if you are abroad
  • Print your boarding pass & check in from home
  • Take carry-on luggage only
  • Siit anywhere & take a packed lunch.
  • Book parking in advance (up to 60% cheaper)
  • Choose s uitcases with wheels or backpacks
  • Take our own cosmetics plastic bag
  • Buy Travel-sized 100mltoiletries at home (then refill)
  • Cancelled or delayed flight… claim if an European Union airline or EU airport

Car Hire Tricks

  • Condiser buying an ‘excess waiver policy’ yearly or less, from home (avoid £1,000+ excess or costly cover)
  • Take photos of the vehicle before setting off (with landmarks in view)

Foreign Spending & Money

  • Change at home (Airport kiosks 10+ percent more)
  • Chooose a card good for travel (if away often)
    Halifax’s Clarity credit card, for example, is free to use overseas,
    as is the debit card from app-based Starling Bank.
  • Always opt to pay in the local currency

Emergencies & Private Clinics

  • Dodgy hotels & taxi drivers take the ill to private clinics for a bung
    (demand a EHIC state healthcare facility)
  • Buy comprehensive travel insurance (consider a yearly one, if away often)

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