Tourism in Sitges, near Barcelona


Hotel Property Management Systems in Sitges

‘Software & Technology Options’ for Hospitality, hotels, hostels, restaurants & bars… are coming of age It’s packed it’s bags & moved to the cloud. That is not a ‘retirement village’ somewhere off main street… but into the skies, by connecting to software providers via the Internet. Gone are the rows of… Read more »

Barcelona Sitges Tourist Accommodation Stats Aug 2017

03-05-2018  20 MILL TERRAMAR RACETRACK SITE REDEVELOPMENT -HOTELS & EVENTS The Terramar Automaton is projected as a leisure and entertainment center integrated in the environment and linked to equestrian jumps at the international level, the world of the engine and the promotion of a wide variety of events and presentations. … Read more »

Average tourist spend = €1,132 in July 2017 (5% up) “Barcelona continues to maintain its magnificent image as a uniquely world class tourism centre,” 10.510.531 an all-time record (say national tourism statistics agency Frontur) Last record was 10.2 August 2016 10 percent up on July 2016. 22% make UK top at… Read more »

Drive the C31 with care & concentration  The coast road may be a magnet for those that drink or drive illegally (however… no blame is suggested to any drivers involved in the events below) & 24 July 2017 : car overturned at 30 km 7 June 2017 28 May… Read more »