Tourism in Sitges, near Barcelona

Sitges Tourism (Turisme)

A group for anyone involved in Sitges Tourism (Turisme). From Hospitality venue owners & managers, to every level of worker. As a channel to raise opportunities, learning & co-operation, on important issues.


Sitges aims to combat the turn around in hospitality venues & businesses

Encouraging Hospitality Feedback (HERE)

Providing Sitges Tourism statistics & information
(for managers & owners : to anticipate & plan)

  • Marketing studies for the hotel & tourism market
  • Building regs & hurdles for project developers
  • Impact of various laws and new business classifications
  • Pricing strategies for low and high seasons
  • Sourcing investments, suppliers & partners

Hear of report releases/fees, if any, HERE

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sitges Tourism Turisme

Latest News

10 MILL Most Monthly Tourists in History July 2017

10 MILL Most Monthly Tourists in History July 2017

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Danger C31 Sitges & Barcelona Coast Road

Danger C31 Sitges & Barcelona Coast Road

Drive the C31 with care & concentration  The coast road may be a magnet for those that drink or drive illegally (however… no blame is suggested to any drivers involved in the events [Read More...]
Danger C31 Sitges & Barcelona Coast Road

Danger C31 Sitges & Barcelona Coast Road

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Oficina De Turismo Sitges
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 · Oficinas De Turismo
Carrer de la Sínia Morera

Sitges Santa Tecla & Festa Major: see events calendar at Sitges

Sitges Sights & Venues

The Beautiful Natural Scenery Photos


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