Tourism in Sitges, near Barcelona


Sitges Tourism Stats – 2015 Full Season

Sitges hosts loyal, long stay, foreign tourists 65% of all tourists = Return Trip of 6 to 10 nights 29% stay average of 5 nights 21% return 3 to 5 times 70% are foreigners (mostly UK, France & USA) Consumers are 45 to 54 years 61% are couples 17% with friends 6.8% visiting family &… Read more »

Sitges Beaches… top on Flickr, again

144,000 geotagged/labelled on Flickr Out of 420,084 ‘Spanish’ photos Second year. Followed by Tarifa (Cádiz) and Benidorm (Alicante). In a statement, the company has detailed that in total there are 420,084 photos geotagged with the word Spain, of which more than 144,000 correspond to Sitges. Drawn… say Yahoo service Flickr,… Read more »

Sitges Tourism

Sitges Tourism

Changing face of Sitges Eco friendly & attractive developments Incoming Barcelona mayor wants to introduce tourist cap 11643802/Incoming-Barcelona-mayor-wants-to-introduce-tourist-cap.html Ada Colau hopes to: Limit the number of tourists visiting Barcelona city-wide freeze on new hotels & apartments Implement an entry cap Barcelona Tourism 2000: 3.14 million visited 2013; 7.57 million visited 6 million… Read more »

Sitges Gallery

Sitges Turisme Estadística

Sitges History Early Inhabited: Neanderthal 55,000 ago (Giant Cave /Cova del Gegant) Early Villages: Since Prior to 400BC (Neolithic) Sitges Castle: Middle Ages Bishopric of Barcelona Province: Barcelona Natural Park: Garraf Massif Economy: Wine (vineyard cultivation) & since 1960’s… Tourism & Events Sitges Tourist Statistics Area: 43.85 km² Inhabited: Villages: Since Prior to 400BC… Read more »